MAXCLEAN MT Series Wipers

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MAXCLEAN MT Series Wipers

This microfiber wiper is comprised of 70% ultra-fine polyester and 30% nylon microfibers, laundered and packaged in Maxclean State of the art Class 10 cleanroom. This soft-textured fabric structure exhibits ultralow extractable and creates excellent cleaning ability for sensitive and delicate surface.

Product Features

• Comprised of 70% ultra-fine polyester and 30% nylon microfibers

• Ultralow particulate, fiber and extractable levels prevent product and cleannrom contamination

• Soft-texture to avoid scratching when cleaning

• Superb wiping ability

• Strong absorbency

• Good dissolvability resistance

• Boarder Sealing Options: Laser, Ultrasonic or Ultrasonic wide edge


• Optic equipment manufacturing

• Semiconductor production line

• LCD, Plasma and mobile screen production line

• Superior for applications in Class 10-100 Cleanroom facilities

Technical Data

MAXCLEAN MT Series Wipers

Order Information

MAXCLEAN MT Series Wipers

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