MAXCLEAN Cleanroom Wiper Selection Guide

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Cleanroom Class Wiper Type MAXCLEAN Wipers

Class 10-100 Sealed-border Wipers Polyester Knits

• 1000S Series

• 1000D Series

• 7000 Series

Polyester / Nylon Knits

• 2000 Series

• MF Series

• MT Series

Class 1,000-10,000 Nonwoven Wipers Polyester / Cellulose Blends

• 600 Series

Cellulose Composite

• 3C-4R6T

• 3C-7R3T


• 33300 Series

MAXCLEAN Cleanroom Wiper Selection Guide

EDI Water System

Utilizing our latest technology of EDI water system, our semi conductor electronic grade water offers 18 mΩ of resistance which ensures the highest cleanliness in our wash cycle. Our compressed air supply is oil-free and air filtered to 0.1 micron size of particle removal. For cleaning and purging applications, the EDI water system also features a real time monitoring alarm system to ensure water purity and hence, the consistency of quality.

Testing and Statistical Analysis

We see quality as the paramount importance. We submit every lot of MAXCLEAN wipers to stringent quality control testing for NVR, ion contamination, absorbency, and particle count. Our dedicated team of Quality Assurance engineers, using the latest FTIR, IC, APC and LPC laboratory equipments, is constantly monitoring every stage of the manufacturing process.

MAXCLEAN Cleanroom Wiper Selection Guide

Sealing Methods

- Laser

- Ultrasonic

- Ultrasonic Wide Edge

- Normal Cut

MAXCLEAN Cleanroom Wiper Selection Guide

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