MAXCLEAN 1000S Series Wipers

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MAXCLEAN 1000S Series Wipers

This sealed edge single-knit polyester wiper is the most economical choice for cleanroom wipers with ultra-low particles with LPC at <1100 counts, laundered and packaged in Maxclean state-of-the art Class 10 cleanroom. This will be your choice for general cleaning purpose in Class 10-100 Cleanroom facilities.

Product Features

• Most economical choice for laundered wiper

• Low in both particles and extractable

• Continuous-filament and single-knit polyester fabric

• Fully sealed border to avoid particle release

• Low in both particles and extractable

• High abrasive and dissolvability resistance

• Boarder Sealing Options: Laser, Ultrasonic or Ultrasonic wide edge


• General purpose cleaning for diverse industries

• Cleaning and polishing stainless steel surface

• Superior for spill control and general wiping in Class 10-100 Cleanroom facilities

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MAXCLEAN 1000S Series Wipers

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MAXCLEAN 1000S Series Wipers