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The introduction of cleanroom swab

2016-12-28 16:37:47佚名

Cleanroom swab, also known as clean cotton, wipe clean stick, is a kind of clean cotton production in the clean room in the sign, from English Cleanroom Swabs translation, and the clean cotton must be in strict accordance with the production requirements of clean room, clean cotton swab by professional manufacturers for the production, or quality difficult to guarantee.


cleanroom swab usually has strong absorbency, toughness, good abrasion resistance characteristics, will not scratch by wiping device, no crumbs. Particles and liquid into the cotton hole, will not drop out or easily extrusion, good locking ability, is a good clean room cleaning supplies production, in the production process of special environment (cloth to wipe clean and remove pollutants). Low chemical residue after wiping. Flammable, easy to handle, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Most of the cleaning cotton swabs are conductive, allowing operators and tools to be grounded.

Application scope

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and other industrial products, laser and related industries, semiconductor and related industries, optical, magnetic head and head cleaning, video head, magnetic head cleaning, precision devices, etc..

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