Company Profile

MAXCLEAN is at the leading edge of cleanroom and contamination control industry. Since its establishment in 1986, MAXCLEAN has been maximizing the cleanroom levels for critical manufacturing environment in semiconductors, hard disks drive, optics, TFT-LCD, electronics, biotech pharmaceutics, food processing and other industries. 

Through years of extensive experience, we have built up a solid foundation to sustain our growth. We provide a complete selection of contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products, specializing in wipers, swabs, facemasks, PE & BOPP bags, sticky mats and gloves.    



Our Factory

MAXCLEAN’s headquarter is located in Wuxi, China. We have one of the largest production lines in the world, occupying 55,028 square meters. Our production line, enhanced with the latest technology and environmental measures, has been certified with the international standards of ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems).

At MAXCLEAN, quality is of paramount importance and with stringent in-house quality control testing instruments, our dedicated team of Quality Assurance engineers is constantly monitoring every stage of the manufacturing process. Our R&D capability provides expertise in existing and developing contamination control supplies. We constantly strive to develop new processes to improve the manufacturing efficiency. Our knowledgeable sales team offers prompt and efficient services with their excellent product. All this contributes to increasing our product quality, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.



Our Mission

To be recognized as a trusted partner to our customers based on our commitment to consistent high quality and constant innovation through an integrated production line and a professional sales team.